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New Study Analyzes How Workers In Downtown Chicago Can Use Scooters To Get To Business Apartments & Their Jobs

A new study published by DePaul University in Downtown Chicago has found some interesting data as it pertains to e-scooters and their effectiveness for trips over the Chicago Transit Authority’s train system.

According to researchers,residents of apartment buildings in Downtown Chicago like AMLI or The Streeter are better off taking e-scooters to work if their trip is less than three miles away. If someone lives in one of these furnished rentals but works more than three miles away from it,experts say that person should instead use the city of Chicago’s highly-respected public transportation system to get where they need to go.

The Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development study says that e-scooters are a highly efficient way to travel short distance in the city. E-scooters resemble normal push scooters but feature a motor on the back. While slower than traditional bicycles,many say they could become as ubiquitous as Divvy bikes,the city’s bikeshare of choice.

“We’ve done some studies on Divvy,on ride sharing,even congestion. Then dockless bikes came,and they’re not necessarily leaving,but that was the hot issue last year,” says Dr. Scott Smith,one of the assistant directors at Chaddick.

As bikeshare and scootershare programs have gotten more popular across the country,researchers have spent countless hours studying the effectiveness of such programs and whether or not they should be adopted even more than they are now. A few of the factors researchers look at when comparing how share services stack up against cars are travel time,convenience and reliability.

Many of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods for temporary housing and restaurants were also studied by DePaul,including The Loop,Lincoln Park and Streeterville. After simulating 10,000 trips across various neighborhoods,researchers felt they had enough data to go on to come to some important conclusions.

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How Much Time Do I Have To Sue For A Car Accident?

Getting involved in a car crash makes life difficult for you. You have to deal with the injured in a car crash ,doctors,the other driver and his insurance company. The complexity of the events and the stress caused by the incident can leave you in a tough situation. You might not be able to continue with your work for several weeks,leading to a fund crunch. If this is not enough,there are the large monthly utility bills that you have to pay. You might be thinking when can you sue after a car wreck? Obviously,the sum you will sue for will also include the costs of repairing your vehicle.

Do not delayYou might face problems if you keep on waiting for an indefinite period to sue someone whose vehicle collided with that of yours,causing severe to it and resulted in serious injuries to you and the other persons present in the car along with you. The statute of limitations is usually 1 to 2 years on car accident cases. This implies that if you do not sue within this period,you forever lose your right to sue.

What do you need?Documentation plays a huge role in determining the successful outcome of a case. Photograph the scene of the crash with your mobile camera,and make sure that you take a snap of the license plate of the vehicle of the driver responsible for the crash. Note down the names and the contact numbers of persons who witnessed the accident. Contact a car driver immediately. When you decide to settle stuff via a lawsuit or through an insurance claim,it is a good idea to hire a reputable personal injury law firm who has successfully solved such cases in the past. Hiring such an expert offers you additional leverage during negotiations and will assist you to recover the maximum sum.

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